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This site is intended to be a more streamlined version of my family tree, concentrating solely on my direct ancestors.

You can find an index of every individual listed on the site on the Name Directory page. If you recognise any of your ancestors or relations listed on the site, please feel free to leave a message on the Discussions page.

In the meantime, you are welcome to navigate the contents using the list below for guidance:

Paternal Great-Grandparents
John Hurst and Esther Jane Grayson
Fred Rothwell and Alice Ada May Worsley

Maternal Great-Grandparents
William Siggs and Maria Ann Barnett
Samuel Rowland and Lucy Castledine Branston

Paternal Great-Great-Grandparents
John Hurst and Anne Woodcock
Joseph Grays(t)on and Mary Halsall
James Rothwell and Ann Halsall
John Worsley and Ada Willday

Maternal Great-Great-Grandparents
Wallace Siggs and Mary Ann Barnett
George Barnett and Mary Ann Dennis (or Dinniss)
Sarah Rowland
John Branston and Eliza Castledine

Paternal Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
John Hurst and Susannah Hurst
John Woodcock and Catherine Bold
Joseph Grayston and Margaret Taylor
William Halsall and Esther Whalley
William Rothwell and Margaret Hodge
James Halsall and Hannah Holcroft
James Worsley and Sarah Tinker
Edward Willday and Ursula Smith

Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
John Siggs and Mary Ann Dunning
John Barnett and Mary Ann Good
John Dennis and Eliza Clark
Samuel Rowland and Ann Durham
Thomas Branston and Sarah Smedley
Henry Castledine and Lucy Edenborough
(John Barnett and Mary Ann Good are my 3xgreat-grandparents twice over as their grandchildren
William Siggs and Maria Barnett married each other)

Paternal 4xGreat-Grandparents

Joseph Hurst and Margery Rimmer
George Hurst and Ellen Mascow
Thomas Woodcock and Margaret Rimmer
Thomas Bold and Ann Holland
James Grayston and Ann Aspinwall
Robert Taylor and Alice Ashcroft
William Halsall's parents are still unconfirmed
Thomas Whalley and Jane Manuel

John Rothwell and Margaret Howard
Richard Hodge and Ann Tyrer
James Halsall and Elizabeth Turner
George Holcroft and Ann Sutton (Lunt?)
James Worsley and Ann Morris
James Tinker and Alice Lyon
George (or Thomas George) Willday and Elizabeth Hunter
James Smith and Mary Smith

Maternal 4xGreat-Grandparents
John Siggs and Sarah
John Dunning and Hannah Newton
Thomas Barnett and Mary Clayton
Charles Good and Hannah
Joseph Dinnis and Olivia Curtis
George Clark and Ann Holtby
Samuel Rowland's parents are still unconfirmed
John Durham and Mary
John Branston and Maria
Richard Smedley and Sarah Varney
Henry Castledine and Sarah Dring
George Edenborough and Mary Bristow

Paternal 5xGreat-Grandparents
John Hurst and Elizabeth Owen
Nicholas Rimmer and Ann
Joseph Hurst and Margaret Preston (see also 6xgreat-grandparents)
William Mascow and Susan Melling
John Woodcock and Ann Blundell
Margaret Rimmer's parents are still unconfirmed
Thomas Bold's parents are still unconfirmed
Thomas Holland and Katherine Glover
William Rothwell and Mary Worthington
Robert Howard and Margaret Cave
John Hodge and Elizabeth (Betty) Mawdsley
James Tyrer and Alice Tinsley
Joseph Houlcroft and Hannah Caton
John Worsley and Ellen Leigh
William Morris and Betty Prescott
John Tinker and Elizabeth Wearing
James Lyon and Martha Sidebotham
Richard Wilday and Frances (Fanny) Fleming
David Hunter and Eleanor

James Smith and Elizabeth Palmer
Edward Smith and Sarah Lucas

Maternal 5xGreat-Grandparents
John Siggs and Ann Marsh

Sarah's parents are still unconfirmed
Thomas Barnett's parents are still unconfirmed

Mary Clayton's parents are still unconfirmed
Joseph Good and Elizabeth Woodliffe
Hannah's parents are still unconfirmed
Joseph Dinnis' parents are still unconfirmed
John Curtis and Ann
Benjamin Clark(e) and Rebecca Croft
John Holtby and Mary Evison
Unknown Rowland ancestors
Thomas Durham and Mary

Mary's parents are still unconfirmed
Richard Brownson and Joanna Colton
Maria's parents are still unconfirmed
John Smedley and Mary Preston
Sarah Verney's parents are still unconfirmed
Henry Castledine's parents are still unconfirmed
Thomas Dring and Eleanor Haughton
William Edenborrow and Ann Hemshall
Richard Bristow and Mary Tollard

Known Paternal 6xGreat-Grandparents

Joseph Hurst and Margaret Preston (see also 5xgreat-grandparents)

George Hurst and Ann
Thomas Masco and Ellin (or Hellen) Webster
James Rothwell and Mary Heys
Richard Worthington and Hannah (or Ann Courtner)

William Hodges and Alice Pye
Henry (Harry) Tyrer and Jane Jackson
John Worsley and Ellen
Ralph Leigh and Margery Birchall
Joseph Morris and Anne Heyes
James Prescott and Ellin Jolly
John Tinker and Phoebe
James Lyon and Mary Travis
Thomas Wilday and Alice Geary
John Fleming and Fanny Butcher

Known Maternal 6xGreat-Grandparents

John Siggs and Ann Webb
John Woodliffe and Dinah (or Diana) Warrenton
Robert Braunstone and Elizabeth
Henry Dring and Mary Wolten
William Haughton and Ann Guy
John Edenborrow and Ann
George Hemshall and Ann Skellington

Known Paternal 7xGreat-Grandparents

George Hurst and Ann (see also 6xgreat-grandparents)
William Hodges and Ann Wright
Bartholomew Tyrer and Mary Jump
John Worsley and Hannah France
Thomas Birchall and Elizabeth Hinde
John Tinker and Jane Stanfield
James Jolley and Elizabeth Chamberlain
Edmund Travis and Lydia Rothwel

Known Maternal 7xGreat-Grandparents
John Siggs and Anne Whiffen
William Dring and Mary Linford
William Wolten and Mary Parker

Known Paternal 8xGreat-Grandparents

John Tyrer and Rachel Hencock
John Worsley
James Standfield and Martha
James Jolley and Alice
Thomas Travis

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